Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 4 of 1 dose a day

I seem to have reached a plateau and I am waiting for it to get better after dropping the morning dose. I have promised myself that I am going to give it at least a week before I decide what to do next. Having a sinus infection at the same time has not helped a thing. If I can't do more than maintain where I am now I see my pain doctor on the 5th of next month and I can hope he has other solutions. I don't want to fail. I just don't know how much pain I can deal with and still function. I really need to be able to draw and I haven't been able to lately. May the doctor can treat localized pain rather than all over like morphine does. At the moment I am stuck.



Anonymous said...

Hi Larry. . . sorry to read you are not in best of health and unable to draw lately. Look forward to seeing your barns again. ~ Rainy

Dee :) said...

Hi Larry! :) I just wanted to let you know that I'm on Blogger. I hope you're doing well. Hang in there. I know you'll be more than fine. Take care and I'm sure we'll talk soon. I have some book ideas to email you. :)

Dee :)