Friday, February 27, 2009


I placed a new link on my blog to my sister Kathi's blog. Kathy is the oldest of my three sisters but two years younger than I am. She has been writing posts about everyone in the family. She even wrote a very nice one about me although I remember being fairly ornery toward her when we were little. Like mine her blog has a little bit of everything in it but hers is a kinder gentler blog and mine is.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Family Hobbies & Government

Sue Ann and I have found a lot of enjoyment and hobbies that we do together. In the wintertime those hobbies are restricted mainly to indoor sports. Not actually sports but it is sewing, my art, and little projects around the house. As old as this house is we will never run out of projects. Sue Ann has just finished one small quilt which she plans on using for herself. She's working on the quilt using my drawings. I'm doing one for a friend and Sue Ann is doing one for a family member, but I can't post photographs of either one of those because that would be letting the cat out of the bag. Yesterday we went Creston because Sue Ann heard there was a very good quilt store there and we found out that she had heard right. We didn't do too bad because it only cost us $60 to get out. I hate to admit it but over half of that $60 was mine. I bought some needles still trying to find the best needles for the embroidering and a package of precut quilt blocks large enough to make a full-size quilt. I'm going to post three pictures with this entry. One will give a rough idea of how the quilt will look with my drawings and the other is a rough idea of what the blocks look like that I purchased. Third is a small brown quilt that Sue Ann made for herself. We worked together on each one of these quilts to different extents.

Best of all sue Ann says that she does not need any more drawings for the quilt using my drawings. That means I can draw what I wish now instead of more buildings. Considering how much I like to draw buildings that may be what I draw anyway. I've been concentrating more on the quilt that I'm working on that I have been all my drawing the last few days because I need to get it done. I'm anxious to see someone's face when they get it and I'm anxious to be able to post photographs of it here.

I just received a letter from my state representative letting me know what the state government has accomplished so far this year which is basically nothing. It appears to me that the two-party system in this country is broken. They seem to be more concerned with preventing the other party from getting credit for anything than they do with actually accomplishing something that would help the general public. Our federal government is just as bad and I believe the city government in Winterset is worse. The people aware set deserve what they get though because they keep reelecting the same people over and over and over again. If someone new does run they do not get elected. What really disturbs me about this city government Winterset is how they raise taxes and come up with new taxes without the citizenship ever having a chance to vote. If the people who live in Winterset vote to re-elect any of the current members of the city Council they're showing either a complete lack of understanding of what is happening to them or possibly just plain stupidity. I find it really hard to believe that they wanted to continue their streetscape project in the middle of a depression. Of course that's just one example of the things that have been happening and a complete lack of fiscal responsibility shown by the city Council, the mayor and city administrator. Of course this is just my opinion but I've not heard differing opinions from anyone I've spoken to. I would really encourage people to comment on my thoughts and leave their own thoughts about Winterset city government. You did not have to identify yourself supposed to comment if you're concerned about disclosing your identity.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

where did all the energy go?

We have had our granddaughter Ashley for the last three or four days and I think both my wife and I are totally exhausted. I know one thing for absolutely certain is that I don't get anything done while my granddaughter is here. Either I'm spending time with her or I'm sound asleep trying to recover.

Chronic fatigue is been acting up again with or without Ashley here. My wife's car put worrying. It had been acting up for some time. When it did not want to start I could thump the floor shifter forward in the car would start. Naturally when it did not want to start I thought there was something wrong in the shifter mechanism. That meant pulling out the console only to find out there was no switch of any kind attached to the gearshift. Just a cable running up to the steering column. My wife kept telling me check the fuses but no the fuses didn't make any sense. I took the column apart and found that the cable ran to the ignition switch so I replaced the ignition switch. Of course it still wouldn't start. Left with nothing else to do I check the relays like Sue Ann wanted me to do in the beginning and of course it started right off. I still had put everything back together though. I think without the chronic fatigue and the fog comes with it I probably would have had it fixed in 15 minutes but instead we were with one car for three days. I think after all these years are no better and just listen to Sue Ann to begin with.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Double Feature

I finished one of my quilt block drawings and I got a pretty neat sunrise photo both this morning so I decided I would do a double feature. I guess I shouldn't say that I'm entirely finished with the drawing because I'm not. It is close enough to show though. We had seven or 8 inches of snow last night and it was nice enough to stop just in time for me to run this know more before got totally dark. Then I had to take Sue Ann to work this morning so I was up in time to see a sunrise for a change. If her car hadn't broke down I still wouldn't have seen the sunrise. The ignition switch went bad and the new one will not come in until Monday afternoon. It would be putting it mildly to say that we don't share one vehicle very well. Monday afternoon better come quick. Enjoy the sunrise and the quilt block.


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Once upon a time I dreamt of posting on this blog daily. Then I thought at least I can post the weekly with no problem now it appears that I may not even be able to post monthly. My biggest problem is a limited amount of energy which I have been expending on other things. One of them everyone knows about and that is the quilt that my wife is making. She has changed her mind three or four times about how it's going to be laid out in the present all I can tell you is that each drawing is going to have a picture frame around it. What this frame looks like I have no idea. I haven't had time to see it since she told me that she changed it again. Here are a few of the latest drawings I have done for the quilt. A word of caution. The images are quite large so if you have dial up it might take a long time to down load.